"You’re not a monster,Elsa"


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Jack + Loki + Elsa

Artist: saebyeok913 (x)
Translation: legendary-fangirl 
(more trans here)

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"Who are you?"

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Jack was always there for Elsa, never leaving her side all her life. He’s an immortal being and she would eventually pass on. Now he has to face the next long years not being seen again. She was the only one who believed in him before he became a Guardian and he’s forever grateful to her.

I had to get this out of me. I had fun drawing these. I wasn’t sure what an elder Elsa would look like and what she would wear .-. If someone wants to add to this to end it on a more positive note then you are welcome to it.

This is so… :(


I got this from Sakimichan!! SNOWY COUPLE <3



I got this from Sakimichan!! 


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Jack lowered his staff as the puzzle pieces came together.

He was ready to attack the Snow Queen; the woman who struck fear into so many hearts, the woman who inspired hundreds of nightmares, the woman who couldn’t control her powers.

But that wasn’t what he saw. He saw a strong, intelligent and beautiful lady who was isolated by fear.

He didn’t care about what he had to do or what lengths he would take but he was sure he was going to help her.

He hadn’t felt this sure about anything since he made the choice of putting his sisters life before his that day on the ice.

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Jack x Elsa/JElsa random fan arts!

just can’t help sharing it. got them from multiple sources ^__-